Our Vision

The CPP Wellness Platform

CPP’s mission is to prevent cancer or the reoccurrence of cancer by identifying and treating the cancer risk factors early. The CPP Wellness platform is a patient-centric, prevention-focused model driven by rigorous science, supported by proactive patient outreach and comprehensive physician communication. Application of this 3-pronged patient-focused treatment model will allow us to get to the patient before the cancer does.


Therapy guided by companion diagnostics that test for effectiveness of potential new medications and to tailor treatment and/or lifestyle regimes i.e. a “personalized prevention” approach which will be a critical success factor in preventive medicine.

Prevention Rx

Treating cancer risk factors with pharmacopreventive therapy before the disease has a chance to impose itself on the patient.


Diagnostic-directed dietary recommendations, medical foods, and nutriceutical supplements. All based on rigorous science and credible “personalized” patient information.