The goal of Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CPP) is to develop “prevention therapies” for people with elevated risk for cancer.

CPP’s approach is: “Don’t wait until you get cancer. Treat the risk factors.”

Treating risk factors has saved lives in heart disease, neurovascular disease, and infectious diseases; but has yet to be applied to cancer.

We were founded by some of the most highly respected leaders in preclinical and clinical cancer prevention research. The CPP team has well over 100 years of combined drug development, research, and commercialization experience. We work closely with the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to make prevention therapies a reality for those at-risk for cancer.

We believe the time is right to apply "Risk Reduction" paradigms to cancer

Potential to Impact Cancer Death Rates in a Significant Way

  • Lessons from cholesterol-lowering medicines, blood-pressure medicines, and vaccines.
  • Traditional chemotherapy and even newer "targeted therapy" appear to make only marginal improvements.

Biomarkers and Critical Path Initiative

  • The age of biomarkers and regulatory receptivity.
  • FDA receptive to surrogate endpoints such as high risk polyps and biomarkers.
  • Others are on the way.


  • Reimbursement rules are changing for expensive treatments with incremental improvements in survival.
  • "We can't afford not to prevent."